YPCA is here to assist you as you start your journey in the world of crypto.

Hi! I’m Jesse Markowitz and I enjoy working with Bitcoin, blockchain, distributed ledgers, alt coins, and all of the crypto world.

  • 2012 – I started with bitcoin
  • 2017 – Seriously started pursuing and began using bitcoin for purchases and then investments
  • 2019 – Began teaching others about crypto currencies

My specialty is one-on-one and small group conversations explaining exactly what you need to know so you can be comfortable in the crypto currency world. I have also created several focused packages based on common requests.

Like other professionals, I do charge for my time conversing with you, but my rates are reasonable and there is no charge for emailed questions and initial consultations.


In addition to my Bachelors degree in electrical engineering (BSEE) from Georgia Tech, I also completed an executive Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Texas in Austin.

I have worked in the computer industry for many years as a Programmer, Trainer, Technical Sales Consultant, Project Manager, District Manager, and most recently as Cloud Services Manager.

I am a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

I’m also a certified (PSIA) ski instructor and have taught SAT prep courses, as well as a variety of computer systems courses.

Get your crypto questions answered and start investing with confidence.

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