DIY Bitcoin Gift Certificate Kit

GIVE the gift of bitcoin

Have you ever wanted to give someone a gift of Bitcoin, but weren’t 100% sure you’d get it right?  

Or not sure how to make sure the recipient can retrieve it?

Purchase this kit and send your gift with confidence!

$24.99 USD / 99,000 Satoshis / 0.00099 BTC

DIY Gift Certificate
Sample DIY Gift Certificate

ThE Diy Bitcoin Gift certificate kit Includes:

For the Giver

  • Template for the gift certificate.  You can use as is or customize as much as you like.
  • Instructions for you to create a new wallet you can load with your Bitcoin gift and how to put the wallet’s seed phrase onto the gift certificate.
  • Assistance via chat or phone if you have questions or concerns about creating the certificate.

For the Recipient

  • Instructions for the recipient to create a new wallet they can use to receive the funds.
  • Directions for the recipient to add the certificate’s seed phrase into the wallet.
  • Assistance via chat or phone if the recipient has questions or concerns about the process for receiving the gifted funds.

how to order

and request your kit.

If you have a preferred wallet to use for loading the bitcoin or for the recipient to receive the bitcoin, please include that information in your email.