How I get paid

There are several ways I’ve set up for you to pay me, and I’m open to more. I always prefer to get paid in cryptocurrency, so you’ll see these at the top of the list.

  1. Send to my crypto addresses:
    1. Bitcoin: bc1qwfpd5xta7yxux60gran7x8v5e0fssxyfre7yqm
    2. Ethereum: 0x47c16d24C7ad13f0D217aE6f0143187816508b73
    4. ARRR:
  2. Use Paypal to send fiat to my personal account <link to Paypal w/my Jesse@ypca address> (Paypal doesn’t support sending crypto yet)
POSlink: http://bgvj7olvkzdj4dbkd75khpmju42h7zlvkdj6qdthpck4diaqyi4uc7yd.onion/apps/4Qx1YmSJFyiJQVya563hdcvQzui1/pos

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