Here are some links I found interesting – you may too:

Learn about early Bitcoin history from this American Institute of Economic Research article: The Rise of Bitcoin

NOTE: The links below are affiliate links – if you purchase after clicking my link I get a small referral fee. I use all these products and am happy to help if you have questions on them. I’m also familiar with many of their competitors (and use some of them too) so feel free to ask me about them too.

Having trouble tracking all your crypto transactions? I use to help with tracking all my transactions – they calculate the cost basis and prepare tax forms too. You can try it out for free (they charge based on number of transactions per year and have amazing chat support. Phone support is also available by appointment. They even allow allow me to offer read only access to my CPA who prepares my taxes.

Just getting started? Coinbase is a very popular, easy way for your first ‘onboard’. They make it easy to send money to your account and from there you can buy a large number of different cryptos. There is also a Pro version of Coinbase that offers a more sophisticated interface.

Want your employer to pay you in Bitcoin? I do, and you can too. Just download the Strike app to your phone and create an account. If you use my referral code (J7FBQK) we both get a small bonus. Then in the bottom right, click on the account icon, then on direct deposit. It will give you a routing number, account number and bank name that you can use with your HR department to set up for direct deposit. I use this for Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) to increase my position.

Once you have a fair amount of crypto you will want to protect it by storing your private keys in a hardware wallet. There are a couple good ones out there, I used to use the Ledger Nano X, but have moved on to the ColdCard.

Finally, if you are in the market for webhosting, I’ve been working with Josh at They are somewhat selective about what customers they accept, but that makes it great for those of us they choose to support.