SEC files charges against Coinbase. If you have assets there, they may be at risk. You may need to take action now


Today’s breaking news (SEC files charges against Coinbase –  I will be gathering more information and sending an email about that later this week.  Just like I mentioned yesterday about Binance – if you have any funds, bitcoin, or crypto at Coinbase they are potentially at risk.  Technically they were at risk last week too, but much greater risk now.  I do not give financial advice – you need to evaluate the situation for yourself, BUT now is a time to evaluate and decide what you want to do.  

If you have a small amount of value there, perhaps you don’t worry.  If you have a large sum, you should be worried and you should evaluate what actions to take.   I do not have anything confirmed other than charges have been filed.  I have heard (unconfirmed) that the SEC has asked for a restraining order to limit Binance’s ability to move funds – this might include preventing you from withdrawing your funds.   I have not heard anything about a restraining order for Coinbase, but it is possible too.  One action you should consider is removing your funds now – before you are unable to.

If you have questions or need help on this, please do not hesitate to text / call me immediately.  My goal is to educate you so you understand the issues and can make the best decisions for yourself. 

As always, my emails are strictly for your education and entertainment – to help you in your journey to become educated and participate more fully.  If you ever want to stop receiving them, just email me and let me know – I’ll take you off my list.  I don’t offer financial, legal or tax advice.  You need to evaluate your own situation and risk tolerance and DYOR (Do Your Own Research).  Do not put any money into crypto that you are not willing to lose.