Public Speaking


I have a couple quick notes for you today.

First, I will be interviewed live on The Survival Podcast / Bitcoin Breakout podcasts today, July 19 at 1pm Eastern Daylight time.   Go to for ways to watch live.  Afterwards I’ll post some links to the replay so folks who want to watch can do so later.

Following my presentation last month to a chapter of the PA Society of Tax and Accounting Professionals, I just confirmed that I will be presenting at the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) Personal Financial Planning Conference on November 10.

If you have a group or know of a group that might be interested in having me talk about bitcoin let me know.  I enjoy presenting and am very good at making the technical understandable.

There are still some seats available in the my Introductory course at the local community college.  It’s only $139 for a four hour course – in person in Schnecksville, PA on August 20, and remote (via Zoom) in the evenings – August 25-Sep1 and September 20-27.  For more information or to register for any of those, call 610-799-1197 (press 3 for non-credit courses) and someone will be help you get registered.  Any questions or concerns do email me or call me and I’ll help you out.

Next, a quick followup from my last email discussing Coinbase.  The overall message was don’t panic.  Since then, more stories have come out about Coinbase rescinding job offers, laying people off and effective today, cancelling their affiliate marketing program.  I still say don’t panic, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.  Coinbase stated (on page 84 of their 3/31/2022 SEC 10Q)  “crypto assets we hold in custody on behalf of our customers could be subject to bankruptcy proceedings and such customers could be treated as our general unsecured creditors.”  If you have money / crypto on Coinbase that are actively in open orders that’s fine, but don’t leave stuff there because you just haven’t gotten around to moving it someplace safer…  If you want to get serious about protecting your crypto let me know. Here is one way I can help

The big question on many minds right now is – Did we hit crypto bottom?  I don’t think so, but I don’t pretend to know definitively.  You need to do your own research and make the financial decisions you are comfortable with.  I think it is likely that some external event (Fed rates, media panic about recession, another crypto hack / freezing access to funds) will drop Bitcoin back below $20,000 at least one more time.  It wouldn’t surprise me if it goes under $18,000 or even $16,000 at this point.  It’s also possible that the bottom is in and we will never see it under $20,000 again.  I believe in the long term potential and have increased my Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) to buy more now.  I continue to use and recommend Strike to get your paycheck paid in Bitcoin.  If you want to do this, you can use my referral code (J7FBQK), and we both get a small bonus.  If you need help with either investing or using crypto, please reach out – that’s what I do.

Finally, the best time to learn about Bitcoin and crypto was 10 years ago, but if you missed that, start today.  If not from me, from someone else.  Let me know what topics you’d like me to cover – I love answering crypto questions, so please do email me or call me, I like to help.  Personal instruction and assistance is my specialty – so if you or anyone you know is looking for more than an email response to a question I can also provide one on one consulting and have a number of classes / consulting packages. This email is strictly for your education and entertainment,  I don’t offer financial, legal or tax advice.  You need to evaluate your own situation and risk tolerance and DYOR (Do Your Own Research).  Do not put any money into crypto that you are not willing to lose.