Would you like to get a gift of Bitcoin?


Would you like to get a gift of Bitcoin? I bet you would, and so would others in your life.  I am considering putting together a micro product to sell on my web site.  Please read the following paragraphs describing the product and let me know if this is something you might be interested in…  Please provide as much feedback as you can – I’d like this to be something valuable for folks and an easy way to ‘onboard’ new folks to Bitcoin.  Also, I’m finally on twitter so please follow me there.

The product I’m considering is a Bitcoin Gift Certificate that includes a customizable and printable template (currently in MSWord, but I could do other formats too) with pretty graphics, To / From fields, a gift message and a 12 word seed phrase allowing the recipient to unlock the bitcoin placed there.  It also includes detailed instructions to the person purchasing the certificate on how to load Bitcoin into an address and then find / copy that address’s 12 word seed phrase onto the certificate.   There are also detailed instructions for the recipient on how to use the 12 word seed phrase to claim the Bitcoin.   I gave a gift just like this to a baby cousin of mine – her mom was very excited – she seemed much happier with this than with the US Savings bond, cash and similar gifts.

Most importantly, the product includes tech support for both the purchaser and recipient to assist them with the process.  Try it on your own, but there is no need to be concerned I’m here to help if there are any issues or you just want to double check you are doing it correctly.   I am looking at a price point of $12.95 and a discounted price if you pay in BTC.  Right now I’d set the discount price to 0.0005 BTC / 50,000 satoshis (about $10.25 at the time I write this). 

Please let me know your thoughts – would this be useful for birthdays, baptisms, bar mitzvahs, weddings, graduations or even Christmas and Hannukah?  Does that price point seem a good value for what’s being offered?  Would you prefer the instructions and examples to be for Windows or Mac? iPhone or Android? Or something else?  What else could be added to make it more valuable?

I’ve been following a number of Bitcoin and crypto investors.  There are a number who now think the crypto and Bitcoin bottom is in and the next bull market begins now.  I have my doubts.  Long term, I do believe Bitcoin will go on to new highs, hitting 6 figures and eventually 7 – but it may be a while, possibly a long while, and it might go down from here first.  I continue to use Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) with Strike to get my paycheck paid in Bitcoin.  If you want to do this, you can use my referral code (J7FBQK), and we both get a small bonus.  If you need help with either investing or using crypto, please reach out – that’s what I do.  While almost all my work is private classes and consulting, I did make an exception and will be teaching 3 more sections of my Introductory course at the local community college.  It’s only $139 for a four hour course – in person in Schnecksville, PA on August 20, and remote (via Zoom) in the evenings – August 25-Sep1 and September 20-27. If you or anyone you know is interested, call 610-799-1197 (press 3 for non-credit courses) and someone will be help you get registered.  Any questions or concerns do email me or call me and I’ll help you out.

Thank you as always for taking the time to read my email.  Please let me know what’s most helpful for you and if there are any topics you’d like me to cover.  This email is strictly for your education and entertainment,  I don’t offer financial, legal or tax advice.  You need to evaluate your own situation and risk tolerance and DYOR (Do Your Own Research).  Do not put any money into crypto that you are not willing to lose.  I love answering crypto questions, so please do email me or call me, I like to help.  Personal instruction and assistance is my specialty – so if more than an email response to a question is required I can also provide one on one consulting and have a number of classes / consulting packages.