CBDCs, Tigers and Bears Oh My

CBDCs, Tigers and Bears Oh My

First I have some thoughts for you on CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) – the fancy name for crypto issued by government central banks. I always felt there was significant privacy risk there, but thought perhaps there are some advantages. After reviewing the progress worldwide and on Project Hamilton – the US exploration into CBDC … Read more

Ethereum Merge

Before I get to the big news for the week – the long awaited Ethereum merge, I have a couple quick notes for you on my upcoming classes. I will be delivering a guest lecture for Money and Banking classes at Lafayette College on Friday this week (unfortunately not open to the public).  The open … Read more

Bitcoin Price news

Today I have two key thoughts for you.  The first is on the price of Bitcoin.  The second is on Bitcoin versus other cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in my public course, there are seats left in the last section (see my note at the end). As I write this, Bitcoin has dropped below $20,000 … Read more

Public Speaking

I have a couple quick notes for you today. First, I will be interviewed live on The Survival Podcast / Bitcoin Breakout podcasts today, July 19 at 1pm Eastern Daylight time.   Go to https://thebitcoinbreakout.com/lightning-basics/ for ways to watch live.  Afterwards I’ll post some links to the replay so folks who want to watch can do … Read more

Would you like to get a gift of Bitcoin?

Would you like to get a gift of Bitcoin? I bet you would, and so would others in your life.  I am considering putting together a micro product to sell on my web site.  Please read the following paragraphs describing the product and let me know if this is something you might be interested in…  … Read more

RIP Coinbase – Is this the end of Coinbase?

I saw a note on Friday that Coinbase Pro is shutting down, with all users are being forced to migrate to the regular Coinbase interface.  I also saw a note from Coinbase for their Dutch customers that starting on June 27 whenever sending crypto outside of Coinbase they are required to ask you for the … Read more

Never pay taxes on your crypto gains

Never pay taxes on your crypto gains? Yes you can! Really? The short answer for those of us in the United States is Yes! – if you structure it correctly…  Before I go further, as always the information here is for educational purposes only.  I share what I know at this moment in time, but … Read more

Taproot is live – What’s a taproot?

Taproot is live – What’s a taproot? It’s taken four years, but the next big Bitcoin upgrade is now live.  Called Taproot, this upgrade consists of 3 Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIP 340, 341, and 342).  Does this impact you today?  Probably not.  This is really about increasing Bitcoin capabilities that wallets and exchanges can leverage.  … Read more

Save Your Crypto

Welcome back.  I hope you are enjoying these occasional emails – as always all feedback positive and negative is greatly appreciated.  Feel free to forward to others that you think might enjoy reading this.  If you’d like to be removed, just reply and tell me… Save Your Crypto – I was interviewed yesterday by Lee … Read more

Can Bitcoin be outlawed?

Third time’s the charm they say, so here I am again with my third weekly email.  As before, please let me know what you think about this week’s note below.  Feedback is greatly appreciated.  If you like this let me know.  Also, feel free to forward to others that you think might enjoy reading this.  … Read more